Design your vision and engineer it for your customers!


Our mission is to abstract electronics complexity, leverage concentration and freedom on creating customer value.

Intellics™ team will Capture your ideas from a wish to a concept,
Intelligently Visualize them, Process the execution and Integrate Your Vision on the Embedded Systems and Platforms.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler

Albert Einstein

What We Value


in All what we are Doing.
We all are what we Repeatedly Do.


and Accuracy in Design and Execution.
Act Smart, Pay attention to Details whatever it costs, Always with mindset of Quality.


in Relations.
Work hard. Know the right path to take. Always Take it, regardless of someone is or isn't watching...

Quality and efficiency of our operations, complemented with proven expertise and lean product design guarantee Less Time To Market (TTM) and smooth system design integration.

Our engineers comprehensive expertise of over 12+ years in automotive industry, designing time critical applications and performing electronic systems integration, is available as a service to our customers on their way from concept development through rapid prototyping and process optimization to successful product launch.

We will help you in any matter over the complete process of building your product - convert user interface 2D or 3D design to a machine HMI model, choose the right processing and underlying hardware needed to handle your vision and help you design and integrate it as a final platform solution.

We provide solutions regarding platform (AUTOSAR, GENIVI, Proprietary, etc.) integration and specific code generation based on Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and customizable frameworks.

Intellics HMI Design Framework is an end-to-end solution for designing and implementing HMI middleware. It provides an accomplished set of mechanisms for seamless integration of HMI stacks to underlying platforms.

We will support you with experienced Graphical and Technical design of your vision to bring the best user experience to your solution.

We provide full service of electronic system development from ingenuity concept consulting through testing to integration in final working environment.

Embedded System Development

With our experience going from concept evaluation and requirements definition to a Design and Development of embedded system with Industrial Grade Quality we cover all aspects of the development of hardware and software for embedded systems in Automotive, Security or IoT applications.

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